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“Welcome to Immigration Paralegal Services, LLC, where we understand the intricacies of U.S. immigration law firsthand. As an immigrant hailing from Eastern Europe, I have personally faced the challenges posed by the immigration system, which drives my deep commitment to assisting others in similar situations. My own immigration journey fuels my passion for this work and equips me with a unique perspective to better support attorneys and effectively communicate with their clients.

Upon arriving in the United States, I pursued higher education, earning an Associate Degree from Oakland Community College and later a Bachelor’s degree in political science from Oakland University. Throughout my educational journey and beyond, I dedicated my time to volunteering with prominent international human rights organizations such as Amnesty International, Freedom House, and Human Rights Watch. My focus was on safeguarding human rights in Eastern Europe, a mission I hold dear.

Additionally, I served as an aide to Michigan State Representative Mr. Tim Melton, contributing to policy development, legislative initiatives, committee hearings, and campaign efforts. This experience allowed me to gain valuable insights and substantive knowledge of American politics, particularly its impact on immigration policies.

Since founding my own immigration paralegal business, my team and I have been exclusively assisting hundreds of immigration law firms across the nation. This commitment has granted us extensive expertise in immigration law across ALL jurisdictions. We’ve successfully prepared numerous petitions, crafted legal briefs for some of the most challenging criminal waivers, asylum cases, cancellations, BIA proceedings, and U.S. circuit court appeals. Our track record of success speaks for itself.”

“Prior to establishing my own business, I devoted several years to working at various immigration law firms in Michigan. This professional journey allowed me to accumulate substantial experience and expertise as an immigration paralegal.

In addition to fulfilling my paralegal responsibilities, I actively participated in numerous Masters and Individual hearings in both immigration and federal courts, collaborating closely with attorneys from our firms.

During my tenure with these immigration law firms, I utilized my political and bureaucratic acumen to make a meaningful impact on countless immigrant families. I personally engaged with United States Congress members to address constituents’ immigration-related concerns, such as expediting delayed USCIS cases and seeking deferment of deportation orders. My fervent commitment to immigration reform and unwavering advocacy for immigrants’ rights led me to advocate for changes to a previous immigration statute, an achievement of which I take immense pride. I am fully dedicated to assisting your clients with their diverse immigration needs, including reaching out to congressional leaders for any necessary support.”

A short documentary film dedicated to immigrants & immigration attorneys who work through the complex judicial system and stand by immigrant families.

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