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Pro Bono Services for Service Members

Welcome to Immigration Paralegal Services, where our mission is to support attorneys who are eager to provide legal aid to servicemembers, veterans, and their families dealing with U.S. immigration issues, all at a reduced cost or pro bono.

Throughout the history of our nation, immigrants have steadfastly served and defended the U.S. Military. Recent data from the Department of Defense reveals that over 65,000 immigrants, comprising both naturalized citizens and non-citizens, are currently serving, with approximately 8,000 new recruits annually. Sadly, every year, hundreds, if not thousands, of these dedicated servicemembers and their families are directly impacted by our flawed immigration system. Many face deportation, often due to minor technical violations or the absence of serious criminal convictions.

Our founder, Mr. Marash Lekocaj, once aspired to join the U.S. Military while still a college student, but his dream was deferred due to his immigration status at the time (F-1 Status). Nevertheless, his passion for supporting the U.S. Military never wavered. During his tenure at the Michigan House of Representatives, he even pledged fifty percent of his earnings to the Michigan Soldiers Fund in the event of his demise.

Today, Mr. Lekocaj proudly stands as a naturalized U.S. citizen, deeply grateful for the freedom and protection offered by the United States. He holds a profound appreciation for all U.S. military personnel, particularly immigrant servicemembers and veterans, who risk their lives to safeguard and fortify the nation they so valiantly serve, often without the recognition of naturalized Americans.

At Immigration Paralegal Services, we honor their service, dedication, and sacrifices to our great nation. Working hand in hand with our clients, immigration attorneys, our firm is committed to aiding attorneys who are ready to help U.S. military personnel secure legal status for themselves and their immediate family members. If you have a client who is a veteran, active-duty service member, or a member of a U.S. military family seeking assistance with their immigration matters, please don’t hesitate to contact our office to discuss pro bono services.


What Attorneys Say About Us

“I highly recommend Immigration Paralegal Services, LLC for outsourcing your legal research paralegal service needs. As an expanding firm we have been pleased to incorporate Mr. Lekocaj's services from time-to-time. He has been of great assistance in working on some complex cases requiring detailed legal research and a clear knowledge of agency policies and idiosyncrasies. He has experience in preparing a wide diversity of applications and court filings and is willing to work at meeting those deadlines. I therefore endorse Mashi Duli’s and Immigration Paralegal Services, LLC without reservation.”

Peter J. Loughlin, Esq. Goldman & Loughlin, PLLC Naples, Florida

“I have been working with Mashi for over 2 years and my workload has become easier because of him. He has helped me with not only writing briefs for waivers and cancellation of removal case, but also ensuring that they are winning cases. He is very knowledgeable of Immigration law and appraises himself of the latest changes in case law. He always takes his time to discuss the case with me to ensure he has all the information to prepare a winning case. All of the briefs that Mashi has written for me have resulted in approved waivers. If I need something last minute, he's always available and willing to work within my time frame. What I like the most about Mashi is that he's always available when I need him and always gives his complete attention and dedication to his work. No matter the task, he's very detail orientated. I highly recommend him for any of your writing needs. “

Elizabeth Rosario, Esq. Grand Rapids Law Group, PLLC Grand Rapids, MI

"Our office highly recommends Immigration Paralegal Services, LLC. Mashi possesses an invaluable amount of knowledge regarding immigration law and practice. He pays close attention to detail, goes the extra mile and is not intimidated by convoluted and complex issues faced by clients. It has been a pleasure and a relief to work with such expertise."

The Aboushi Law Firm, PLLC New York