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What Attorneys Say About Us !

"I have had the pleasure of working with Mashi over the years on many cases related to the practice of Immigration law. He has done a very good job in assisting our office with research and writing on Appeals, Motions, Briefs, and Memorandums of law. I can confidently state that Mashi is very thorough in his research and has excellent writing skills. Recently we were able to obtain the release of a high profile client in a very complex case in detention, thanks in large part to the research compiled by Mashi and the Memorandum of law that was prepared. Mashi has a comprehensive knowledge of immigration law and quickly understands all issues associated with each case due to his many years of experience in the field. This makes working with Mashi very simple and uncomplicated. He is also very pleasant to deal with and I always look forward to having him help us on cases. I am very happy to recommend Mashi to anyone who may need assistance in research or writing in the field of Immigration law.."
Law Offices of George Giosmas PLLC
"Mashi's writing skills and legal understanding are up to par. This kind of service is critical for the solo practitioner who can get overwhelmed with volume. He is a good extra brain and pair of hands to have. "
Seth C. Addo-Yobbo, Esq.
“I highly recommend Immigration Paralegal Services, LLC for outsourcing your legal research paralegal service needs. As an expanding firm we have been pleased to incorporate Mr. Lekocaj's services from time-to-time. He has been of great assistance in working on some complex cases requiring detailed legal research and a clear knowledge of agency policies and idiosyncrasies. He has experience in preparing a wide diversity of applications and court filings and is willing to work at meeting those deadlines. I therefore endorse Mr. Lekocaj and Immigration Paralegal Services, LLC without reservation.”
Peter J. Loughlin Esq.
Goldman & Loughlin, PLLC
Naples, Florida
"I am delighted to provide a testimonial for "Marash Lekocaj, who has been an invaluable asset to my immigration law practice as a freelance paralegal for many years now. I fondly refer to him as “Mashi,” and his dedication and expertise in crafting exceptional legal briefs, mostly for my removal defense cases, and Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) appeals have significantly contributed to the success of my clients seeking asylum, and other forms of relief, in the United States."
Virginia Ivanova, Attorney at Law
Jackson Heights, New York
“I have used Mr. Lekocaj's paralegal services on a number of occasions. As an immigration law practitioner, I have found the work that he does extremely valuable. He acts as the main point of contact with clients and handles document gathering, form drafting, and other tasks related to the case. He has a unique knowledge about the inadmissibility waivers, asylum and cancellation of removal applications. Additionally, he is experienced in Immigration Court and can offer important advice to the lawyer as he or she is preparing for hearing or trial. I bring Mr. Lekocaj on board with almost every immigration case my office handles. I highly recommend his services.“
Bajoka Law Group, PLLC
"Our office highly recommends Immigration Paralegal Services, LLC. Mr. Lekocaj possesses an invaluable amount of knowledge regarding immigration law and practice. He pays close attention to detail, goes the extra mile and is not intimidated by convoluted and complex issues faced by clients. It has been a pleasure and a relief to work with such expertise."
The Aboushi Law Firm, PLLC
New York, New York
“I have been working with Marash for over many years and my workload has become easier because of him. He has helped me with not only writing briefs for waivers and cancellation of removal case, but also ensuring that they are winning cases. He is very knowledgeable of Immigration law and appraises himself of the latest changes in case law. He always takes his time to discuss the case with me to ensure he has all the information to prepare a winning case. All of the briefs that Marash has written for me have resulted in approved waivers. If I need something last minute, he's always available and willing to work within my time frame. What I like the most about Marash is that he's always available when I need him and always gives his complete attention and dedication to his work. No matter the task, he's very detail orientated. I highly recommend him for any of your writing needs. “
Elizabeth Rosario
Grand Rapids Law Group, PLLC
Grand rapids, mi
"Without reservation, I would highly recommend Mr. Lekocaj for all of your paralegal needs. Mr. Lekocaj's strong work ethic coupled with his high standard of professionalism is refreshing. His knowledge of immigration law is unparalleled and his willingness to go the extra mile is why I use his services. He is definitely an asset to my firm."
Attorney Nicole Marshall
Marshall Law, PLLC
“Mr. Lekocaj worked for my office and the Michigan House of Representatives for a couple of years dealing with the district and state matters. He was an important legislative aide and his personal input for the bills that became law in State of Michigan was more than essential, particularly during the Michigan Promise Zone Act (House Bill 5375). In my absence, I was confident in Mr. Lekocaj's abilities, and he proved to be an individual who well-articulated my political agenda, at legislative and community events, without my direct supervision.”
Tim Melton
Former Michigan State Representative
“I commend Immigration Paralegal Services’ efforts to advocate on behalf of immigrant families”
John Conyers, Jr.
Former U.S. Congressman