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 Mexico Asylum Claim Granted by IJ– 10th Circuit

While individuals from Mexico represent one of the largest groups of people applying for asylum in the United States—both in “affirmative” and “defensive” postures—the percentage of successful asylum applications from Mexico is fairly low. Over the last three years for which the government reported data, grant rates for Mexican asylees in the United States averaged just 3.6%.

A lawyer contracted with IPS, LLC to provide paralegal assistance in preparing his case for a detained Mexican asylum-seeker. The man was targeted by a criminal cartel for being the relative of a police officer who refused to work for this drug operation. The cartel had specifically threatened this police officer’s family.  

In researching and writing the draft brief, we identified case law that directly responded to the various tests of this asylum applicant’s qualifications for the benefit, including the immutability, particularity, and social distinction/visibility of his Particular Social Group. 

The application was granted. In advising IPS of the successful outcome, the attorney wrote: “I would like to extend my warmest gratitude for all your help. Thanks to your professionalism, and prompt delivery our client was granted asylum because of your excellent workmanship. I truly look forward to working with you in the near future.” 

IPS cherishes the successful outcome of many of the cases we work on. Equally important, however, is the satisfaction of our clients—the attorneys—and messages like these are proof that we are doing our job well. 

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